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Yunnan Trekking aims to give an experience of rural and remote China. YanQin and JiangLong, your trek leaders, are from Xishuangbanna and Tiger Leaping Gorge respectively, and love wild Yunnan.

The majesty of Tiger Leaping Gorge inspires a quietness not often found in modern, busy lives, while a trek through Xishuangbanna will introduce you to the cultures and lifestyles of peoples only now being touched by the modern world.

While Tiger Leaping Gorge and Xishuangbanna are our homes, we love all of Yunnan and feel that rural and remote Yunnan give a trekking experience matched by few other places in China.

Sunrise in Tiger Leaping Gorge

In guiding trekkers, we are aware that there are vast ranges of experience and fitness, and also very different expectations of comfort and physical challenge.

In discussing your trekking needs we will tie our knowledge of Yunnan, China, to your desired level of adventure, creating a trek that meets, to the best of our ability, your trekking desires.

Give Yunnan trekking a go, you won’t forget the experience.

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Authentic Travel

Yunnan Trekking takes travellers on an adventure through authentic China. Specialists in Tiger Leaping Gorge and surrounding areas, company founders YanQin and JiangLong are both lovers of rural China - in particular Yunnan province, where they both grew up. Naxi Guest House Entrance

Until recently YanQin worked for internationally recognised trekking companies, but decided with JiangLong to start their own business, feeling that they could offer a truer experience of the wonders of Yunnan, its peoples and places.

They believe that they can achieve this through combining their knowledge of Yunnan, with small, personally created tours.

without the restrictions placed upon tour leaders by large, international trek operators, they look forward to being your guides and connection to real China.

To find out more information about our trekking tours, please visit our trekking homepage.

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